Out for a spin with Immofinanz

16 July 2020

Immofinanz has been involved in Eurobuild Conferences’ ‘Suits on Bikes’ project since the very first time the event took place, and, naturally, this year’s no exception. For many years, the company has been consistent in promoting cycling as a healthy and safe means of transport.
Public transport – due to the recent restrictions –may be a bit less crowded at the moment, but the traffic on cycling paths, despite the changeable weather, continues to grow. The bike has even become a kind of symbol of the fight against coronavirus –because cycling limits the risk of infection, improves our physical fitness, and raises our spirits. Immofinanz understands this perfectly and has been meeting the expectations of its employees and tenants by investing in facilities for cyclists. It is worth pointing out that – in addition to special bicycle parking areas and cloakrooms with showers – tenants of Immofinanz’s Myhive office buildings have been able to take advantage of its free bike hire system for four years now.
Even if you don’t have your own bike, you can still sign up for ‘Suits on Bikes’, and Immofinanz will provide you with a shiny two-wheeler at the starting point under the Warsaw Spire.
Make sure you note the date of the event, July 30th, on your calendar and we can meet up on pl. Europejski in Warsaw! You can register for the ride on the event’s official page. So let’s get those two wheels spinning!

The 5th Suits on bikes