Start out from the WFC – the business heart of Warsaw

14 May 2019

One of the starting points at this year’s Suits on Bikes’ discussion ride with city planners will be at the Warsaw Financial Center building. The office building is not just one of the most iconic buildings in Warsaw, but it is also perfect for the needs of cyclists! A separate area for storing bicycles is provided in the car park on the first floor. They can also be left on the bike racks in front of the office building. Moreover, changing rooms, showers as well as a bicycle service station are all laid on for those who pedal to work. The 32-storey skyscraper is also notable for its intelligent lift system. Guests are given electronic passes to open the entrance gates in the form of QR codes that can be printed or stored on a mobile device. The building also complies with global standards when it comes to accessibility for those with disabilities. All of this proves just how much our partner cares about the convenience and safety of its users. Thus the support it is giving to an event that promotes safety on the way to work is a great source of satisfaction to us.

We invite you to ride with us from the starting point at the WFC building at the ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride on May 23rd.

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist