Bicycle emergency service

23 June 2021

The route of the ‘Suits on Bikes’ cycle ride, which we would like to invite you to join on July 7th, will be 5–10 km long, so it will not be an epic voyage. But even on a gentle ride around the city, breakdowns can occur.

A punctured inner tube or a jammed chain or derailleur… these are by no means disasters, but they can prevent the bike from further use or at least make the rest of the journey uncomfortable and unpleasant. The solution in such a situation is… to always have a mobile bicycle service on hand! For this reason, those taking part in our ride will be accompanied by a service technician from The Bike Company, which will once again be acting as one of the partners of our ‘Suits on Bikes’ campaign. If (knock on wood!) a breakdown occurs during the ride, just report it to the service technician and it will be quickly taken care of. The Bike Company’s services will also be available at the finish line after the trip – upon your request, a specialist will inspect, maintain or even clean your two-wheeler.

We would be delighted if you decide to take part in all the action – and the free registration for the event is open until the end of the day before the trip. This can be done on the event’s website. You can read more about the ‘Suits on Bikes’ campaign in our news archive.

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist