Parade Square – the heart of... cycling in Warsaw

10 May 2019

The Palace of Culture and Science and its location on Plac Defilad [Parade Square] are located in the very heart of Warsaw and so have traditionally been the focus of the city’s cultural and business life. However, the square itself has become something of a blot on the cityscape, which in terms of development has for years been an empty and neglected void. For a long time, the city authorities were unable to agree on a development plan for the area that would be satisfactory for most people. But finally, this is all about to change, due to what could be seen as an alliance between the city, non-governmental organisations, residents and activists. Over the next few years, the area of Plac Defilad will be transformed and is to be the site of the new Museum of Modern Art. The revitalisation of the square itself will also begin with the aim of giving it with a new, contemporary character. Eurobuild is partnering with Portico Project Management, the contract engineer for the construction of the Museum of Modern Art, so that those taking part in the ‘Suits on Bikes’ discussion ride with city planners will have the opportunity to find out more about the plans for the development of the square, directly from the director of the Museum of Modern Art, Mikołaj Mundzik.
If you want to attend this discussion on urban space, please select the Suits on Bikes’ starting point on Plac Defilad when you register for the event. The ride begins at 4:30 pm.

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist