Nextbike: two-wheelers for everyone

12 March 2021

This year’s ‘Suits on Bikes’ would not be complete without our permanent partner for the event, Nextbike. As usual year, the company will be providing public bikes to everyone taking part in the ride

If it weren’t for Veturilo public bikes, a lot less people would cycling to work in Warsaw. Clearly not having your own two-wheeler is a big problem when it comes to commuting this way – as it would be on the ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride, were it not for our long-term partner, Nextbike. The company will provide a range of free bikes for the event this July, all of which will be waiting for you at the designated starting points. At the end of the ride, each bicycle will be collected by Nextbike at the finish line.
The service is designed to be as simple as the public bike system, that is: ‘Rent’, ‘Ride’ and ‘Return’. To take advantage of this option, simply register for the event via the official website and select the ‘public bike’ option:

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist