Ride and relax with Immofinanz

5 September 2018

We are very happy to announce that our sponsors of the bike ride, Immofinanz, will be providing MyHive bicycles at two of the four starting points. The bikes will be available to those starting the ride from the MyHive Crown Point office building at ul. Prosta 70 and from the MyHive Nimbus office building at Al. Jerozolimskie 98. The ride from these two starting points will end at ul. Bednarska 4, where you will be able to leave your bikes and cover the rest of the route (around 200m) on foot. Those who choose to bring their own cycles will of course be able to finish the ride on them. After the taking in the sights on the bike ride, you will then be able to relax on the sun loungers (also provided by Immofinanz) in the hospitable interiors of Przystanek Sztuki.

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