myhive Warsaw Spire – the ‘Suits on Bikes’ starting point

11 May 2021

myhive Warsaw Spire is now an established landmark of Warsaw’s Wola district, an office tower that probably no one needs a map or an app to find. Therefore it’s also the perfect meeting point for those taking part in our annual ‘Suits on Bikes’ cycle ride

The event, which is to take place on July 7th, is this year to be held for the fifth time. The aim of ‘Suits on Bikes’ is to popularise the bicycle as a means of travelling to and from work. The event is for anyone who is interested in sustainable cities, but is also for those who normally use their car – who we will attempt to convince that the bicycle is a great alternative to driving and that cycling also has many other advantages. Our mission perfectly complements the environmental policy of Immofinanz – the owner of myhive Warsaw Spire. Sustainable development activities form an integral part of the company’s strategy and culture. Its long-term vision is that by acting to protect the environment, Immofinanz can offer new and unique benefits to office employees, tenants and the local community. One aspect of this involves continuing to expand its own bicycle fleet and encouraging employees to regularly commute by bike – and this is an idea has taken on particular importance during the ongoing pandemic. Through its myhive brand and its ambassadors (dedicated employees), Immofinanz aims to provide some powerful support to the notion that we can improve the environment by changing our habits. However, sustainable development is only possible when many people and institutions from different sectors and backgrounds work together. For this reason, Immofinanz is engaged in a wide variety of cross-sector initiatives – such as the Eurobuild bike ride. Immofinanz has been an active and leading partner of our project since its inception, and today for the fifth time it invites those taking part to the threshold of its office tower in Warsaw. In fact, everyone willing to participate in a healthy and environmentally friendly bike ride is welcome to join us at the starting point at myhive Warsaw Spire. The ride is scheduled to start at 5 pm. And if you don’t have a bike? No problem. Myhive bikes will be waiting for you just outside the building. To register for the event, please go to the official website.

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist