Mission: cycling to work. Target: the office worker

19 February 2021

Who would have thought that our modest project, dreamt up one day by a handful of cycling enthusiasts, would still be going strong for the fifth year running? This year’s ‘Suits on Bikes!’ ride is to take place once again – on July 7th!

Our idea for a bike ride around the city has since become something of a hit – as more and more people in the sector take part in the event each year. In the beginning, our aim was just to encourage people to familiarise themselves with the city’s architecture and see its road infrastructure from the cyclist’s perspective. But after the first few rides, the concept grew into something more ambitious – encouraging office workers to actually use their bikes to get to work! Because this is a healthy, environmentally-friendly and cheap form of travel! In order to achieve this goal, we partnered up with the leading developers and owners of the best office buildings in Warsaw – those who could already boast a wide range of facilities for cyclists on their properties. However, providing excellent facilities for cyclists in office buildings is only going to win half the battle if we want to encourage employees to use their bikes more often – the city itself will be needed to win the other half, by giving its citizens the opportunity to cycle safely to work and back home again. The quality of the cycle path network will be crucial to this, because we are naturally going to be less willing to cycle to work if there are potholes along the way or if we have to carry our bikes on our backs over parts of the route.
What else can be done to encourage office workers to cycle to work, and how can office buildings play a part in this? We can discuss all of these issues together at this year’s ‘Suits on Bikes’ event, which will take place on July 7th. Eurobuild (the organiser) and Immofinanz (the sponsor of one of the routes) both invite you to take part in the ride and the discussion with us.
In fact, we would like to invite all cyclists and companies interested in encouraging their employees to cycle to work to take part!

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist