I want to ride my bicycle… around Służewiec

11 March 2020

Warsaw’s Służewiec office sub-district has finally been going some way toward shedding its bad reputation. Gradually, the changes taking place in this part of the city have been rebuilding its position as a comfortable place for working and living, while the sarcastic nickname of ‘Mordor’ that it had previously earned is being heard much less often. A significant number of tenants have been renewing their leases as they opt to stay for longer in this location. Furthermore, accommodation and conference facilities are also being replenished while the number of residential projects grows. The cooperation between residents, developers, tenants, local authorities and the ‘Lepszy Służewiec’ [‘A Better Służewiec ‘] organisation has been helping to bring this about as everyone strives to make it a more sustainable place to work and live. It can now increasingly be seen as a multifunctional district, rather than one just for business activity. Another change for the better is the increasing development of the cycle path network in the sub-district – which is why we invite those who would like to try them out to take part in the ‘Suits on Bikes’ ride around Służewiec. At this year’s event, we will be cycling a few kilometres around Warsaw’s oldest office district in and then on from Służewiec towards the city centre. During the trip we will discuss the metamorphosis of Mordor and whether the changes are really being felt. Let’s find out if they are on May 21st.

Suits on Bikes. The 7th Bike Ride with city planning specialist