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5 August 2019

‘Suits on Bikes’ is an annual event that was held for the third time in Warsaw this year. Having found out that people working in the commercial real estate sector are very interested in the subject of cycle paths and sustainable urban development, we have decided to hold this event on September 24th in Łódź. For those of you that have never heard about this event before, just read on to find out what it was like in previous years.
Suits on bikes is a bicycle ride with stops in specific places where we discuss topics such as cycling facilities, architecture, transport, spatial planning and safety in a living city environment. We will try to answer the question of how Łódź is developing and whether it is becoming a resident-friendly city.
We hope that those of you that commute by bike to work every day will come join and tell us of your experience and give us your comments. We highly recommend the event to those who are thinking of switching to a bicycle to get to work even if no firm decision has been taken yet. Our partners will talk of the advantages of cycling to work and show you that it is a safe and economic way of getting around the city. Suits on bikes is a discussion about the factors that shape our cities. We are counting on city officials developers and social activists to have their say about the development of the city and its cycling facilities.
About the event:
• The ride and discussions will take 1.5 to 2 hours.
• The route is around 5 km long.
• Each cycling group comprises around 15 people.
• The groups set off from the same starting point and leave every 1-2 minutes along the same route.
• Everyone meets up at the same destination where a discussion panel will talk of the issues raised during the day with refreshments served and a chance to network.
Anyone can enter the event free of charge. If you do not have your own bike or you do not want to use it on that day, we will provide you with one.
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1 participant - own bike
Own bike. If you wish to bring you own bike, the participant bears full responsibility for their own equipment. The organiser will provide places for parking bikes at the finishing line.
Free entry
1 participant - public bike
Public bike will be available from the start point and will be picked up from their users after the ride. The number of such cycles is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis according to how soon applications to use them are received.
Free entry
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Suits on bikes - Łódź
Księży Młyn Browar & Restauracja, Tymienieckiego 22/24